Ongmo’s Strawberry Farm in Tang

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Ongmo (Tshering Wangmo) from Tang shares her latest news with us:

“Strawberries grow very well here in Tang due to the generally favorable climatic conditions in Bumthang. Most farmers have apple orchards around their houses but strawberries are new to our locality. I felt inspired by the promising potential of strawberry cultivation and this season I decided to start planting seedlings on my farm. I received support from the Agriculture and Research Development Center in Wengkhar, Mongar district and the Gewog Agriculture Extension Office. They provided me with 300 seedlings and the necessary technical guidance to start my strawberry farm. I sowed two varieties known as Sweet Charlie and Chandler.”

“I am very passionate about food processing and my interest in strawberry farming began with the increasing demand for my wild strawberry jam. In 2016, during a very interesting study tour to various organic farms in Salzburg county, organized by Bhutan Network, I learned how to make jam. In 2017 I started my small business of home-made wild strawberry jam along with various fruit candies and buckwheat cookies. The demand for strawberry jam and other products has increased steadily despite a drop in orders due to Covid-19 this year. In order to prolong the strawberry jam season and to avoid the additional purchase of strawberry fruits, I took up the cultivation of these savory fruits myself. With the sale of my strawberry fruit jams and other products I generate income which enhances my livelihood. This also motivates other youths and school dropouts to take up the venture themselves.”