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Ulrike Cokl

Founder, executive manager, Bhutan program & project manager Ulli holds a Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Anthropology from UCL (University College London, UK), and has been living, working and researching in Bhutan intermittently since 2000. She loves spending time in remote communities there yet also in the capital, Thimphu. Over the years this has deepened her insights into rural livelihoods … Read More

Kristel Josel

Founder & project manager Europe Kristel is based in Austria and is the owner of artsprojects, an international consulting and management company. She has traveled to Bhutan many times since 2006. In recent years she mainly lends assistance in capacity building for the management of family-owned businesses in Central and Eastern Bhutan. E-mail:

Christine Zandl

President Christine Zandl is a teacher at the Agricultural School Bruck, our main partner for the Organic Farmers Exchange Programme (OFEP) in Salzburg county. Soon into our farmers exchange programme her interest for Bhutan has increased. In 2015 Christine visited the Himalayan kingdom together with two colleagues in order to learn more about the situation in our project region. This … Read More

Roswitha Huber

Vice President / Treasurer Roswitha lives in the beautiful Rauris valley in Salzburg county. She studied law and works in Zell am See. When not spending her time with her daughter, Roswitha has a passion for traveling. She also was in Bhutan, a country which she thinks is without doubt one of the most beautiful on this earth.

Karin Altmann

Secretary Karin (Ph.D.) is an Austrian artist, art mediator and academic, and works as a senior lecturer at the department of Textile Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her research interests are the practical and theoretical exploration and development of the textile element as a specific mediality, with regard to its appearance and significance in art and culture. … Read More

Karma Lhazom

Liaison in Bhutan Karma Lhazom has an M.A. in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management from the UCL Institute of Education in London, UK and an M.A. in Public Policy from the KDI School of Public Policy and Management in Seoul, South Korea. Karma Lhazom worked as a civil servant at the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources for more than … Read More

Sonam Wangmo

Liaison in Bhutan Sonam, a business woman and social worker, is our local representative in Bhutan. Sonam has worked in the tourism industry for decades and she is also involved in various social enterprises and charity projects in Bhutan. Sonam is deeply dedicated to supporting rural communities and supports our local operations with her vast experience and large network.

Ellen Froot

Supporter – USA Ellen is a retired special education teacher who taught high school for 34 years. She holds an M.S.Ed in Special Education, a BS in Horticulture, a school counseling credential, and a teaching credential in biology. She is also a certified Master Gardener and dog trainer. She has had a lifelong interest in small-scale farming and cross-cultural exchange. … Read More