Two Bhutanese in a Tyrolean Mountain Hut!

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We are excited to welcome Bhutanese tour guides Karma Choden (Bhutan Homestay) and Tshewang Phuntsho in Austria! They successfully completed a basic German language course (A) as part of the De-suung Skilling Programme in Bhutan. The course was taught for the DSP by Dr. Ulrike Cokl from the Bhutan Network. After completion, both students obtained their international German language certificate … Read More

News from our friends in the Highlands

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Hardship in the highlands of Soe by Dorji Bidha, Drukgyel Farmers Its 5am in the morning and Aum Kezo gets up to check on her yak calves, endangered by attacks from snow leopards; it is freezing cold. Aum Kezo is in her 60s and stays with her daughter Sonam. They have hundreds of yaks. In winter when the river shrinks … Read More

Mechanizing Farms is Important

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By Dorji Bidha, Drukgyel Farmers In today’s world more than sixty percent of Bhutan’s population live in rural areas and agriculture remains one of the most important sources of livelihood for many Bhutanese, especially woman. In recent times large numbers of men have been leaving their farmland to seek better income opportunities in towns, leaving women in charge of the … Read More

A Tent for Aum Choday and family

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by Dorji Bidha, Drukgyel Farmers An ancient Lifestyle The highland region of Bhutan is home to pastoralists and semi-nomadic communities. It ranges from Trashiyangtse and Merak / Sakteng in the East to Lhuentse and Bumthang, and to Sephu in Trongsa.  In the West, semi-nomadic communities are still living in Haa and Paro valleys whilst in the North they live in … Read More

A Tool to Harvest Paddy

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By Dorji Bidha (Drukgyel Farmers) Farming Previously and Nowadays Some decades ago, farming life was not easy since our fields were more of a rocky and sandy soil, which is not favorable for cultivating crops. Therefore past generations went on day-long hikes with their horses to fetch top soils from the far-away mountain side. By evening they reached home and … Read More

We Feed the World

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Bhutan Network and Roswitha Huber (Schule am Berg), our OFEP partner in Rauris, are featured in the new book by Gaia Foundation: We Feed the World – a global photographic project – Gaia Foundation We Feed the World – The Book – Out Now! Celebrating the smallholder farmers and fisherfolk who really feed the world, this book is a beautiful … Read More

A Hand-Tractor for Ongmo – Crowdfunding Campaign

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You did it! Ongmo has her hand-tractor and she is already helping neighbours. Thanks for your generosity! The new hand-tractor is a great relief for Ongmo. Without a hand-tractor work at her strawberry farm looks like this: In 2020 Ongmo, a young farmer from Tang valley in Bumthang, put her dreams into action and established a strawberry farm. The hand-tractor … Read More

Lomba with my grandparents Jojo and Jumo

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By Dorji Bidha (Drukgyel Farmers) Every year Lomba, the New Year celebration in Paro and Haa, is observed from the 29th day of the 10th month until the 1st day of 11th month, following the lunar calendar. During Lomba it is considered auspicious that members of a household get together and enjoy the festivities. Therefore this Lomba I am with … Read More

Why I like being a farmer

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by Tshering Wangmo “Ongmo”, Tang Farmers, Bumthang Exchange with Austrian colleagues Since participating in the training offered by the Organic Farmers Exchange Program (OFEP) in Austria, I have slightly changed my farming methods. I was interested in expanding my farm and food-processing business and for this I received support from Bhutan Network and additionally funds from Franzi, a generous Austrian … Read More

Small but Fine

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Young farmer Dorji Biidha from Drukgyel Farmers has many stories to tell. This time she shares her thoughts on how Bhutan Network, albeit a small association, has a positive impact on her village and other farming communities. My thoughts on Bhutan Network’s efforts to curb rural-to-urban migration in Bhutan By Dorji Bidha Rural-to-urban migration and goongtong (“empty household”), is becoming … Read More

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