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Thank you!

SUCCESS: Thank you so very much for your generosity and support. This will make a tremendous difference for Ongmo’s farm as well as her whole community.

A Hand Tractor for Ongmo

In 2020 Ongmo, a young farmer from Tang valley in Bumthang, put her dreams into action and established a strawberry farm. The hand-tractor would reduce dependence on the already limited supply of farm labor and increase Ongmo’s competetiveness in the market.

Read her story on charity.gofundme:

A Hand Tractor for Ongmo's Strawberry Farm



Crowd Ordering Project – Turmeric and Ginger from Bhutan

We have reached our goal, 300 packages have been ordered! Thank you for your generous support!

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Kurkuma und Ingwer aus Bhutan