Porcini from Bhutan

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Dried porcini and dried porcini powder from Bhutan

In the Kingdom of Happiness, dried mushrooms have been traditionally extremely popular as gifts for guests. The interest of various communities in porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis) has been growing for some time now thanks to the advocacy of our mushroom expert Daniel Winkler and the NMC (National Mushroom Center Bhutan). They are excellent edible mushrooms and locals can market them seasonally and earn a good income.

Our first sale to publicize and market the mushroom via the Gebana platform has taken off and we have almost reached our goal!

To the crowd ordering website:

Porcini from Bhutan


We are very much looking forward to the next mushroom season ! We are anticipating a great Mushroom tour with Daniel Winkler and the marketing of the  Boletus reticuloceps in Sumtrhang (Ura) with support of the National Mushroom Centers and the Nyö Foundation.