Ulrike Čokl (Ph.D.)

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Founder, Bhutan programme & project manager

Ulli has been living and researching in Bhutan on and off since the year 2000. She loves spending time in remote communities but also in the capital Thimphu. Over the years this has deepened her insights into rural livelihoods and community related issues. Ulli has worked with local communities and government institutions alike, and she is very familiar with operating principles and procedures in the country. During her doctoral field-research from 2012-2015 in Bhutan, Ulli looked at the role of everyday traditional hospitality for relationship fostering, thuenlam, within the context of the Bhutanese neypo system (traditional host/guest network). Emerging from her field data she developed the “thuenlam-approach” to sustainable farm/homestay development. Together with Bhutanese friends, Ulli also founded Bhutan Homestay, a Bhutan based tour operator that aims at benefiting rural communities by incorporating farm/homestays and a range of specialized tours for tourists. She also works as a Bhutan destination specialist for several tour agencies in Europe.

E-mail: ulrike@bhutan-network.org