Barter System in Bhutan during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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By Dorji Bidha (Drukgyel Farmers), also published on Bhutan Homestay Until the 1980s people throughout Bhutan practiced a barter system. Following the introduction of our currency, the Ngultrum, in 1974 by the RMA (Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan), shops mushroomed even in remote parts of the country and villagers started shopping as though they were in Walmart. Nevertheless, aside from … Read More

Farming in times of corona

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by Dorji Bidha, our partner from Drukgyal Farmers in Paro. The Corona pandemic and community spread have now also reached Bhutan. The little kingdom is under lock down until further notice. Recently Bhutan Network sponsored a rice husking machine for Dorji Bidha’s community. In her letter to Bhutan Network, Dorji explains the situation and why she requested our support for … Read More

Ongmo’s Strawberry Farm in Tang

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Ongmo (Tshering Wangmo) from Tang shares her latest news with us: “Strawberries grow very well here in Tang due to the generally favorable climatic conditions in Bumthang. Most farmers have apple orchards around their houses but strawberries are new to our locality. I felt inspired by the promising potential of strawberry cultivation and this season I decided to start planting … Read More

Follow-Up Bhutan Evening at Bio-Hofbäckerei Mauracher in Upper Austria

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After a very successful Bhutan evening at the Bio-Hofbäckerei Mauracher in  2019, the demand for a follow-up event was high. Finally, on February 21st 2020, BN-president Christine Zandl, BN-member Sepp Zandl and OFEP partner and BN-member Christian Dullnigg (principal of the LFS-Bruck) along with family, returned to the venue in Upper Austria to hold another presentation on their unique trip … Read More

OFEP: Klara’s visit to Bhutan

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In summer 2019 Klara Naynar from Hiasnfarm in Lungau, host to our annual OFEP candidates from Bhutan, spent one month in the small kingdom. Klara deeply immersed in local village life and practices with her colleagues in Zhemgang and Bumthang. She was particularly impressed with Bhutanese social life and hospitality. Read about Klara’s adventure in her interesting report below.  From … Read More

Mushrooming in Bhutan!

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In August 2019 Bhutan Network held four successful mushroom workshops for our Bhutanese partners and all those interested in mushrooms. Initially our Bhutan Network partners KNC and Tang Farmers formally requested us to organize a mushroom workshop in their rural communities. In the end, we felt extremely touched and overwhelmed by the huge interest and number of our Bhutanese “mushroaming” … Read More

OFEP 2019: Herbal workshop in Tang

In February/March 2019, the Bhutan Network Switzerland colleagues Marina Beck and Tabea Ehrensperger (Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp) travelled to Bhutan to visit the young farmers who had previously participated in the Organic Farmers Exchange Programme (OFEP) in Salzburg, Austria. Marina and Tabea also spent several days in Bumthang, Tang valley (approx. 2800m asl) where in 2018 the young Bhutan Network farmers … Read More

Feedback to OFEP from Bhutan

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Not long ago we received a feedback letter from our project partner KNC in Zhemgang, Bhutan, regarding our Organic Farmers Exchange Programme (OFEP):  Feedback from KNC We are very happy that so far we were able to contribute meaningfully to the hard work of KNC. We want to thank all our project partners, supporters and sponsors in Austria and Bhutan … Read More

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